How Location Can Add Property Value

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There are many aspects of purchasing a home to consider, but location can be lost when selecting that three-bedroom/two-bath home. Having a home near schools, businesses and parks is a huge perk when purchasing and reselling real estate.

Besides improving the quality of your life, being close to those amenities can make your purchase more profitable to comparable houses.

Home values can increase from $4,000 – $34,000, because of the shopping and social environment, according to “Walking the Walk.

Here are a couple of resources to analyze and improve your community:

Walk Score: Rates how close your home is to schools, parks, dining, etc.

12-Step Checklist: The checklist was created by Dan Burden, founder of Walkable Communities, that analyzes a variety of aspects that helps categorize communities.

Recommend programs to push the effort of walkability in your community if you see that you area isn’t walkable.

Is your community walkable after checking out the recommended sites?

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