A Seller’s Market Still Means you Have to Sell your Home!

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Selling your home during a seller’s market means that your home will fly off of the shelf right? Not so fast…there are plenty of things that you should and should not be doing to make sure you give your home the best chance. When houses are selling quickly, and your house sits on the market for a few weeks, buyers start to assume something is wrong with it, putting them in a better bargaining position or passing over your home altogether. Here are some things that you can do to make sure your home is ready to go:shutterstock_836715731. Price to sell. In a seller’s market it is often very tempting to put your home on the market $20K over what it is worth. Instead of making an offer, your potential buyers will move on. The most dangerous phrase is, “we can always come down in price.” No one wants to miss out on a good deal but this might leave you with nothing.

2. Still pretty it up. Even the nicest home still needs a bit of TLC before showing it. Removing personal effects, cleaning from top to bottom and staging all will help the selling process. Don’t skip this step!

3. First impressions are everything. Curb appeal is still very important! Wilting flowers, brown grass and peeling paint all present an image and not a very good one. Show off your home right from the get-go with some curb appeal.

4. Be patient. A seller’s market is a hopping place but you and your Shorewest, REALTOR® still need to land the right buyer. Selling your home is never a given so make sure to do your homework!

Never underestimate the importance of these four steps for getting your home ready to sell! It may be priced competitively but if your buyers are turned off before they even walk in the door you can kiss that transaction goodbye. Work with your Shorewest, REALTOR® to have a successful sale! #ShorewestRealtors #SellersMarket

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